Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre-leasing?

Pre-leasing is just as it sounds. It is leasing units before notice is given by current resident(s), or before knowing exactly which units will be available.

How do we pre-lease?

After 20 plus years of operating West 24th Street Apts, we are able to use our historical data to estimate the number of units we will have available. Each new tenant gives us his/her building and floor preference, then we can assign a dwelling based on needs and wants. (First come, first serve basis)

Why should I pre-lease?

Imagine 40,000 students trying to secure housing in June & July. To avoid this rush for last-minute housing, we have created this system to ensure that you have a choice in your housing. Our system benefits everyone, but especially those who act early.

What do I need to do to pre-lease an apartment?

  1. Complete your application
  2. Pay your security deposit of $300 per person
  3. Sign your lease contract
  4. Provide us with a signed parental guarentee.

When will I know which apartment will be mine?

Our contracts expire at the end of each semester, May 26, August 15, and December 31. Current residents are required to give 60 days notice to vacate prior to these dates. New residents will receive e-mail notification of their assignment the day after notices are final.

What if I need to change my move in date?

As with anything, the more notice of any type of change you can give, the more we are able to help to accommodate your needs. We will do our best to accommodate any special circumstance that you have, but we are limited by the previous resident's exit date and make-ready time requirements.

What is the pet policy?

Pet deposit is $400, of which $200 is non-refundable. No pets over 20 pounds allowed and no aggressive breeds. Pets are only allowed in A and C buildings. All pets require an interview and must be over 1 year old. Additionally, there is a $20 per month charge per pet added to the monthly rent. If you should discontinue pet residency, the deposit will be returned after move-out less any damages. Pets are never allowed to defecate on our property, and must be picked up after at all times. Visiting pets are never allowed. Even if you have a pet deposit.

If my plans change, Can I sub-let my apartment?

Yes, you may sub-let your apartment with our written approval. The new resident must meet our standards, and must have a parental guarantee. The sub-let processing fee is $100. You will remain liable for the rest of the original Lease Contract term.

Can I paint my apartment?

Some resident made alterations are allowed, please discuss them with the office before you begin.

How does parking work?

Each bedroom receives a permanent parking permit for one designated vehicle. This allows you to park 24/7 on our property. We do disperse temporary parking permits from the leasing office at the managements discretion. Our towing company is Big A Towing Co. and can be reached at 512-873-7899.

Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes, we have a laundry room in each building. They are open for resident use daily.

Trash service?

We have 2 dumpsters in the alley for the use of our residents. They are picked up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. We also provide recycling bins for paper and plastic, which are located next to the dumpster at the north end of the property on the alley.

How far are you from campus?

We are located 1/2 mile west of campus. The West Campus shuttle stops about 2 blocks from the property. Most residents opt to walk or bike to school. It is quicker than waiting for the bus. See our map link above for more information.

What is our smoking policy?

We prefer that you never smoke on our property, but if you must, smoking is only allowed outside. We have provided receptacles for filter disposal.

Know Your Address:

Each of our buildings has its own address. Please make sure you know yours and have your mail addressed accordingly.
"A" building is 1302 W 24th St,
"B" building is 1300 W 24th St,
"C" building is 2400 Longview

What contracts do we use?

West 24th Street Apartments uses the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) promulgated form. A sample of this form can be found here. Additionally, we require a TAA application here and may require a parental guaranty here.